A glimpse of heaven behind every door – A dream home made a reality

Do you remember the moment you bought your house? Visiting every room and imagining the possibilities behind every door, behind every wall. Imagining that perfect living room with a beautiful couch and a center piece table; an extremely comfy bedroom in which to relax with your family and a porch to read on Sunday afternoons. Remember how those dreams came to a halt and now you’re instead settled in a less than ideal home? Not according to what you once dreamed of your home?

Ever hired someone to fix this and all you got was a half-assed job and a complete bill? NOT ANYMORE.

Even though I’m a newly grad from design school, my passion and creativity have always driven me forward, learning from every experience I could find, being invigorated by every advice I received and finding that small measure of satisfaction whenever I saw one of my client’s smiles.

I always get the same question from my clients, what makes you different? My answer is somewhat simple, and here it is for the world to read: Unlike all those designers out there that are only in this for the money, I’m in this business for that small satisfied smile people show on their faces when they receive their decorated homes. I’m in this because I want to, not because I have to.

If you want more information about my services, please, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to talk and show you what I’m capable of.