Exterior décor: The face of your home

The exterior face of a home is just as important as the inside of it, after all, the exterior is what people will come across first and as such, it must be in tandem with what’s inside; exterior decoration has become very important in the last few years and homeowners and constructors alike have become aware of this. Same as interior designing, exterior design and décor are in constant variation and every year the trends change.

Saving a little bit of money is always a good thing, especially when house improvements are in order. Using solar power cuts the electricity bill expenses by at least sixty percent, and although solar roofing has been somewhat pricey on the market, this will soon change due to the developing of solar shingles. These solar shingles are polished similar to the usual roofing, they are functional protective and waterproof as well, this makes for a worthwhile addition to any exterior facade.

For coloring on the outside, neutral colors are still somewhat ruling the market but not by themselves, originally house owners and builders have been using tones like ivory and cream but now, they are expanding towards gray and blue paint in lighter tones. These last colors often being accentuated by contrasting colors such as browns and greens, sometimes even darker colors but with neutral tints.

Another important point in an exterior design is the use of varied textures for the outer facade of a house. One-note facades are a thing of the past, the twenty-first century comes with a variation in external facades by means of different textures, such as the use of bricks for accents over plain surfaces. But perhaps the most important thing of all is originality; a house is like an empty canvas just waiting for an artist to draw upon it. Being original pays off in ways not many people imagine, personality, charisma, and allure are all factors to be considered when in the process of designing and decorating a house.

Windows are also a centerpiece in exterior décor as they provide a glimpse of the internal design; they also provide lighting to the inside so a good and functional window design is paramount. Transom windows are a great choice when it comes to luxury and lighting, “They can take on any kind of light pattern, which complements the home’s style.” Says, Jennifer Dreher, architectural designer at Excovations.

But what’s trending is not necessarily the best way to go when decorating a house’s exterior. Color palettes are just as important as an original look; for coloring, you need to take into consideration certain aspects like landscaping, hardscaping, and roofing. To choose a color palette you should consider the hardest elements to change, such as pathways and roofing; if these are of a certain color then your exterior palette should be of a tone that manages to tie these fixed elements together in a harmonious way.

Last but not least is the garden itself, 2017 brings some new trends to the table when it comes to gardening. Natural materials are becoming more and more important in interiors; now gardeners are drifting towards those materials as well. Less concrete and composite materials in favor of timber and soft, free-flowing elements are key to gardening design. Exterior decoration is just as important as any interior design, some would say that the exterior facade is the “face” of a home; the first thing a person sees when walking towards it is the exterior facade so it is important that it has that welcoming feel that every home should have.

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