Garage doors: Today’s trends

When we compare 2016 to 2017, some trends are sticking around when it comes to garage door coloring, specifically the use of bold colors on it. Since bold and deep colors are a central piece in today’s trends, they will fit right in with your new house décor ideas. Innovations in technology and the “smart home” initiative have reached the garage as well, giving you a wider range of options to create more functional and livable space.

This year, contemporary and modern looks are something you should strive to when trying to improve your house’s exterior. Frosted glass doors are one of the options available this year. If you work in the garage then this style is perfect for you; they come in wood and steel so make sure you pick the right one to complement your home’s exterior look. Keep in mind, straight lines and natural finishes are winning the day.

Wooden doors are making a comeback this year after gaining so much popularity over the past few. But not in its entirety; some people are using glass to complement this style and give it the modern, twenty-first century look it deserves. Garage door openers are another trend; with the rise of smart home technology, garage door openers are one of the best choices when trying to ease your daily routine. No more wondering if you left your garage door open, if you’re in a WiFi area, you’re only a few clicks away on your phone.

A big trend in 2017 is overall home sustainability. One way to make your garage more sustainable is by installing insulation to your garage door. For the homeowner who works out in their garage, regardless of season, this could be a great option for climate control. Also, if you work going in and out of your garage, a great option would be garage screen doors, especially if you need it open more often than not. They keep bugs, dirt, and debris away while allowing light and fresh air inside your garage; the perfect combination for the hardworking type.

And of course, never forget color. Your garage door is a very large focal point for your house’s exterior. Finding the perfect color palette for your garage door is crucial if you want it to really blend in and accent your house. While it is perfectly acceptable to use your house’s color for it, avoid using the same accent colors you used on the walls. It’s better that the door stands out on its own most of the time so, a deep green would be amazing if you’re looking for a more neutral look, however, gray is a hot color for 2017 and you’re sure to find a shade that matches your home.

Garage doors are a massive point on interest in a house’s exterior. It needs to be eye-catching and yet subtle, alive and harmonious with the rest of the house. Don’t be the odd man out, 2017 brings a lot of choices regarding garage doors for you to customize and enhance the overall look of your house. 2017 is the year to fall in love with your house’s exterior, don’t miss out.

David Adkins of Know Your Garage Door/Advanced Garage Doors.
Lisa Kaplan Gordon of House Logic.