Kitchen Design: trending kitchen tips

Designing a home is just as important as living in it, sometimes even more. A house is a personal space, one where the boundaries are set by those who live in it and as such, decorations tend to share those same boundaries. When an interior design is mentioned, people tend to have thousands upon thousands of different ideas, that’s why every house is a different universe; but as everything in life, trends exist to provide guidelines to decoration enthusiasts.

According to a study driven by the appliance manufacturer Britannia Living, a majority of the customers agreed on the kitchen being the most important room in a house. In a way, the kitchen is the heart of the home and space where cooking and socializing with friends and family takes place. With this in mind, it is imperative that a kitchen is comfortable and relaxing. This article will provide some tips to make sure your kitchen has a twenty-first-century look.

Quartz worktops are a very important addition to any kitchen, lately, more and more people have been upgrading from laminate to quartz in 2016. In previous years, quartz was seen as a luxury addition to any kitchen, perhaps out of the price range of the average household; but with the development of composite surfaces, the possibilities are now endless and within reach.

Another trend that’s on the rise are the handle-less units, according to Pete Sherry, the category manager at Lochanna Kitchens, “The overall linear look is proving very popular in today’s modern kitchen, and we will continue to see more plain and handle-less doors for a simple yet modern style, predominantly in gloss finishes and in grey or neutral earthy hues. The traditional grained timber and timber effects sector in natural tones will also become more popular thanks to the increase in painted color options, and this will only continue to grow as home owner’s desire a look that is both sleek and flexible.”




Clutter-free worktops is also an important trend, creating the illusion of a larger kitchen space as well as providing with comfort when cooking and preparing meals on a clear surface. This layout is possible due to another rising trend: high-quality storage solutions, as mentioned before, clear worktops are trending in kitchen designing, this means that storage for everything that used to be on the worktops must be taken into consideration.

When thinking of colors this season, monochromatic ones are the best bet, gray, black and white tones can work to varying degrees, whether it’s entire cabinets, worktops or appliances, or subtle hues coming through in various details and accents. Copper accents are a nice addition to these monochromatic colors as they really pop out and grab the attention of whoever is looking. Accessories, appliances, and handles should be colored in this tone to compliment the cabinets.

Last but not least, this is the twenty-first century, so what is a house without technology? That’s right, smart homes are becoming a huge presence in the present year. Appliances such as Bluetooth speakers, color changing lights and even pop up sockets for phone charging are trending, giving the traditional kitchen a subtle and modern twist. Kitchens are a sanctuary for most, and as such should be treated as one. With these useful tips, you’re just a small step away from owning a modern kitchen with beautiful spaces and modern looks, cooking will never be as comfortable as today.

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